Back to Nature Family Garden

This countryside garden was designed to cater for a family with 2 children and a very lively dog. Plenty of lawn space was left for the dog to run around and the children to ride their bikes. The children also gained a designated area to the front garden for their playing equipment and sports in the future. For the adults, a large patio area with elegant Indian sandstone paving was created to the back of the house. A quiet shady seating area with a firepit was created to the front garden with block paving to add continuity to the driveway. Additionally, a garden swing tucked between borders forms a cozy lateral lounge area. The planting is composed of a lot of British native trees and shrubs to attract wildlife. Some of these trees screen off the power lines that cross the bottom of the garden. They also screen off the large “vegetable growing area” which will give the owners a lot of produce. Additionally, circular borders of coastal perennials were added around trees as a nod to one of the owners’ coastal hometown.