Modern Long Family Garden Sketch

In the contemporary, clean lines design proposed in this sketch, the long back garden is divided in 4X main areas: a “shady patio”; a lawn area, a sunny seating area containing an area covered by a pergola where a firepit and outdoors sofa could be placed for a relaxing space; and an area for a new bigger shed to be placed. These areas are flanked by planting beds to contain a selection of perennials and specimen trees and shrubs, which will bring a sense of cosiness in the seating areas and colour to the garden. The lawn area and the sunny seating areas were designed based on squares turned at a 45o angle, which will give the impression that the side boundaries are pushed out and that this long narrow garden is wider than it is. The lawn area could be used to place the existing trampoline and guinea pig run at the moment. In the future this could be transformed by perhaps placing a garden sitting pod or a hammock and arches containing climbers. In the courtyard area, contemporary troughs containing a specimen small tree and a specimen shrub with perennials were added to bring some greenery, colour and life to this space. A path paved with a wooden effect paving was created connecting the courtyard entrance to the new shed at the bottom of the garden. This will physically and aesthetically connect the whole garden. Repeating the same light coloured contemporary paving in the courtyard, patio and sunny seating areas will also bring this same cohesion and sense of unity to the garden. Furthermore, the contrast between this contemporary paving and the wooden effect paving of the path will bring another dimension of interest to the design.