Below you will find a range of garden design services to suit any budget. Services are done in person in and around the Twickenham area and online for the rest of the UK. For the latter, I will send you a questionnaire and step-by-step guide that, with pictures of your current garden, will inform the design that I will produce for your garden. Once completed, I will send you the product via email.

1- Garden Sketch (not to scale)

This option is best if you’re looking for ideas to improve the layout of your garden to better cater for your needs and/or make a visual statement and are on a low budget. Please note that a garden sketch will not be drawn to scale. You can find an example of one of my Garden Sketches here.

2- Garden Plan (to scale)

This option will provide a blueprint for your future garden. It takes your needs, tastes and garden conditions into consideration and is drawn to scale, unlike the garden sketch. The heights of proposed vertical elements and materials suggestions are also included, which helps to inform the garden build. You can find an example of one of my Garden Plans here.

3- Planting Plan (Standalone or as an Add on to the Garden Plan)

A Planting Plan is a great choice if you want to leave plant selection to a professional! Your needs, tastes and specific garden conditions will again be taken into consideration. A Planting Plan will provide you with a Plant List, indicating how many of each plant you will need (which makes it easy for you or the contractor, depending on who will carry out the planting), as well as pictures of the chosen plants to help you visualise the selection. Sometimes, refreshing your garden borders and beds can make a big difference, and purchasing a Planting Plan as a standalone service is a very good option in this situation. I will ask for measurements, details, and pictures of the beds you want to re-plant. Alternatively, if you want to re-design your garden completely then adding a Planting Plan to your Garden Plan could provide the icing on the cake – ensuring you have the right plants for your beautifully designed garden! You can find an example of one of my Planting Plans here. Please note that a Planting Plan cannot be provided in conjunction with a Garden Sketch, as measurements are required; however, I can provide plant ideas for a reduced fee.

Fabulous! Deborah has just given me the vision and concept needed for my garden. We moved into our home 5 years ago, which came with basically a reclaimed field…. Although we have made small changes to our garden we have lacked the vision of how to change an undulated field into a garden. I contacted Deborah who turned around a fabulous design in two weeks to match the items I had asked for. This will be a project we take a few years to achieve, but can now see the overall plan. Very reasonable price and great service.

Samantha Bellis

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