Here is what our clients say about us.

We have been really impressed with the design and planting plan we have received from Deborah! She has gone into great detail initially to understand our needs and likes and her plan on our little garden has surpassed our expectations of what we could achieve! It’s also been great for us in the fact that now we have the plan, we can do bits as and when but ultimately have a final plant to work too! Would definitely recommend! Excellent value for money too!

Mondana Boustani

Friendly and incredibly responsive. Really professional with great ideas for our garden.


Fabulous! Deborah has just given me the vision and concept needed for my garden! We moved into our home 5 years ago, which came with basically a reclaimed field…Although we have made small changes to our garden we have lacked the vision of how to change an undulated field into a garden. I contacted Deborah who turned around a fabulous design in two weeks to match the items that I had asked for. This will be a project we take a few years to achieve, but can now see the overall plan.

Very reasonable price and great service.

Samantha Bellis