Triangular Back Garden Sketch

In the design proposed in this sketch, the “triangle part” was integrated with the rest of the garden. This was done by removing the existing fences and putting a new seating area, which creates a “destination” in this part. A bench under the existing tree was suggested as a way of emphasising it as a focal point. A new tree was suggested to be planted on the bottom of the “triangle part” to create privacy in the new seating area. A winding curvy path (which distracts the eye from the triangular shape of the garden) was suggested to link the garden as whole, from the existing patio area to the new decked seating area, passing through the new vegetable beds, new summerhouse and the bench proposed under the existing big tree. 6x garden arches with climbers growing on were suggested to be placed in spots along the path. These will add height and interest to the garden. An evergreen hedge was suggested to be planted along the right side fence as a way to help to screen off the street noise (A water feature was put in the existing patio area as a way of screening off the street noise even more). 2X low maintenance herbaceous perennial borders were suggested to be planted on the right side to balance out the sides and add colour and interest. The trampoline was kept in place as requested, and the uninterrupted open lawn area between this and the path can be used as children playing area.